Are all your items ethically sourced?

After reading this article discussing what "ethically sourced" means when referring to taxidermy, I prefer to use the term "sustainably sourced". Absolutely none of the remains we use were from animals killed for the sole purpose of being used for art. We source bones from multiple people including found remains that have been nature cleaned or remains processed by professional taxidermist.


Where do you ship to?

Due to international import and export laws all pieces can only be legally shipped within the United States. However, we can order high quality resin skulls and bones to create you a custom piece of art that may be shipped worldwide. This is also a fantastic option if you would like an item created not using any actual animal parts.


When will my order arrive?

All finished items are shipped within 4 business days of the order being placed. From there your new Canis Calva piece is shipped via UPS and a tracking number will be emailed to you on the day it is shipped out.