My name is Kelcey Olson and the existence of this work is a complete accident. A happy accident, but still unanticipated. Taxidermy was always a huge fascination of mine, and being an artist with some coyote skulls laying around made me feel an inclination to paint them. This turned into friends and family asking how to buy one of these skulls, and the rest is history.

Decorating bones is how I show the beauty in death. The unknown is terrifying, but familiarizing yourself with and embracing what is left when we're gone helps ease that fear. It's a slightly unorthodox kind of therapy, but hey it works.

All of my pieces are put together with the most attentive care to honor the animal that has passed and provided me with the materials necessary to create this work. I hope to reach those that are equally fascinated and enchanted by what is physically left behind once our journey on this earth is over. The uncertainty of the afterlife is daunting, but we can accustom ourselves to it in little ways. Solace with death is what I aim to accomplish through Canis Calva.